Fort Sam Military & Antique Vehicles Museum

Located at 209 South Ave E, Haskell, Texas. FMI

This one-of-a-kind museum features a large selection of military vehicles, particularly jeeps from each year that have been rebuilt to perfection. It also features several mustang cars from different years and body styles. You will also find other military paraphernalia, antiques, and Haskell County information. The museum also features a beautiful mural by CAL. The museum is open Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Haskell County Museum

The museum is located downtown on the west side of the square in an original downtown building. This museum features a wide range of antiques, a Coke collection like you have never seen, and various things about Haskell County. It also houses the Swinson scrapbooks, which capture a large chunk of Haskell history.  This building used to be the Henderson bookstore, but before that, it was Jones-Cox Hardware. Hours of operation are planned for 10-5 Thursday, Friday, and 10-3 on Saturday. For more information, visit the owner’s Facebook page at