Civic Center

  • This venue is owned by the City of Haskell. It has a large kitchen available, a stage, a huge meeting room and two additional small meeting rooms.
  • They have 30 round tables and enough chairs to put 6-7 to a table.
  • They also have several rectangle tables.
  • To rent, contact the City Secretary at (940) 864-2333.

Hospital Education Building

  • This space is large and perfect for an educational event such as the health fair.
  • It has a kitchen available for use.
  • It has white rectangle tables and some round tables.
  • It is more for business meetings, and not suitable for birthdays or family reunions.
  • To rent, contact Mary Bell Olson at (940) 864-2621.

Country Club

  • This is slightly out of town by the airport.
  • There is a golf course – 9 holes.
  • There is a pool at this location.
  • This property is owned by the City of Haskell. Call (940) 864-2333 to rent.

The Historic Jones-Cox Building 

  • Downtown Building, performance and event venue.
  • For more information, see their Facebook page.
  • To rent, call (325) 207-8287.

Haskell County Library – Conference Room 

  • Smaller venue located inside the library.
  • Conference room includes tables, chairs, Wi-Fi, and television for presentations.
  • Small kitchen available for use.
  • To reserve, contact Library Director Rose Solano at (940) 864-2747.

Fort Sam Museum

  • This museum has a medium-sized meeting room suitable for 40-60 people.
  • There is a medium sized kitchen available for use.
  • It has 10 white rectangle tables and 60 padded chairs.
  • Wi-Fi is available.
  • To reserve, contact Karrie at (940) 864-2027 or Jill at (940) 782-4810.

Macias Ballroom

  • This is a large space, suitable for dances, family reunions, birthday parties.
  • They have tables and chairs available.
  • Smoking is allowed.
  • To rent, contact Ann Sanchez at (325) 338-3010.