The City of Haskell will be honored with the “Community Achievement Award” at the 23rd Annual Texas Midwest Conference, Oct. 26th, at the Abilene Civic Center.

According to TMCN Executive Director Kathy Keane, “the award was developed as a way to encourage cities of all sizes in the region to be better prepared for future growth and economic development programs.”  Criteria to qualify for the award include vision, pride, youth involvement, connectivity and assessment.  The submitted application detailed Haskell’s community-wide plan (vision), beautification efforts (pride), student participation on local projects (youth involvement) and website (connectivity).  Individuals from neighboring communities in the region were then assigned to visit the city to conduct a windshield tour of what a visitor sees and experiences when they come to town (assessment).  Information from the windshield tour will be provided to local leaders when completed.

The Community Achievement Award will be presented during conference luncheon ceremonies.  Haskell will receive the 2016 Award along with the community of Jacksboro.

Texas Midwest Community Network is a regional organization for community and economic development, regional tourism promotion, leadership education, and legislative awareness. It is an organization of “communities working together to accomplish what one community cannot do alone.” For more information about Texas Midwest Community Network visit www.tmcn.org.

TMCN Member cities are: Abilene, Albany, Anson, Aspermont, Baird, Ballinger, Brady, Breckenridge, Bronte, Brownwood, Buffalo Gap, Cisco, Clyde, Coleman, Colorado City, Comanche, Cross Plains, De Leon, Dublin, Early, Eastland, Eden, Goldthwaite, Gorman, Graham, Hamilton, Hamlin, Haskell, Hico, Jacksboro, Jayton, Knox City, Menard, Merkel, Miles, Munday, Ranger, Rising Star, Robert Lee, Rising Star, Roscoe, Rotan, San Saba, Santa Anna, Seymour, Snyder, Stamford, Sweetwater, Throckmorton, Tye, and Winters

If you are interested in attending the conference, please contact the DCOH Executive Director, Jimi Coplen at 864-3424.    

Scholarship Opportunity, Bright Horizons

By Christina Isbell, Keep Haskell Beautiful

Reasons for volunteering are almost endless. Probably the best reason of all is to help others by making a difference and giving back to the community. A great time to start making a difference in your community is at a young age.


This is why Keep Haskell Beautiful is offering a $500.00 scholarship(s) to a graduating student enrolled in a Haskell County school. Requirements to be eligible for the scholarship are 15 hours of community service during the student’s Junior and/or Senior year. Hours of community service must be documented with a signature. Volunteer hours with Keep Haskell Beautiful will be weighted more than other community service hours. This scholarship can be given to students planning to attend a College, Technological, or Vocational school. Scholarship applications are available in all Haskell County Schools and online by clicking here and are due May 1, 2017.

Community service projects open many doors. They benefit both college and professional resumes. Many college applications require you to have some type of community service. It also sets you up for additional scholarships and programs. Employers also look favorably upon volunteer experience and understand the skill-set it brings to the workplace.

You are not only giving back to your community while volunteering, but you are also learning new skills and sharpening old ones. You are honing your communication skills, developing leadership, learning teamwork, and time management skills.

Whether you want to do your part or make your mark, there are many great reasons to volunteer. And those that benefit from your help will just be happy you did it, no matter the reason. Please watch KHB Facebook page for more information on when community service opportunities are available.

Sand Volleyball Pit (Bright Horizons)

By Christina Isbell

The Haskell Junior High school kids can be credited with the construction of a sand volleyball pit at the park. The 2015 Haskell Leadership class wanted to make the park all-age friendly. In planning, they decided to survey the entire Junior High to see what kind of activities they would like added to the park. The top 3 things the Junior High kids wanted to see were: a Volleyball Court, a Gaga Pit and improvements to the tennis/basketball courts. Other additions they suggested were wall ball, mini skate park and a rock climbing wall, to name a few more.

On August 1, 2016, KHB, the City of Haskell and Haskell County started working together to install the sand volleyball pit, located west of the pool. We hope to see the volleyball court completed by September 9.

On September 10, from 4-8pm, KHB along with other non-profits and the City of Haskell will be holding a Back to School Bash at the park. There will be fun games, prizes and free hot dogs for everyone. We hope to do a dedication of the sand volleyball pit during this event.

Keep Haskell Beautiful is a non-profit that was formed when the 2014 and 2015 leadership classes and the Betterment Committee joined forces to make three small groups into one large group.  Prior to the formation of KHB, the 2014 leadership class was given the task of a project that would improve their community. The group wanted to make their impact in the park area. They started by purchasing two pieces of new park equipment and hope to make many more improvements in the future. KHB has been able to join forces with them and the Betterment Committee to add the volleyball pit and make plans for the future.

Bright Horizons Weekly Update

Why Leadership?

I’m sure by now you have heard about the Knox-Haskell Rural Leadership Program.  You may be wondering, “What will I get out of it?” or “ Why take the time?”

This program is a fantastic opportunity only available in Haskell and Knox Counties.  You are meeting people in your community and neighboring community. You are networking with your city and county government. You are touring local businesses, learning about your local hospital, school system and assets around your region.


When you finish this program, you will have gained valuable leadership skills, you will have met people from around the region, and you will know more about your community as a whole. The only way you can gain this kind of insight is to invest the time in a program like this one.

The leadership program kicks off September 23, 2016 and ends in May 2016. We will take you through a fun orientation process where you get to know the group. Our groups are usually 12-15 people.  Then, we will meet on the first Friday of each month starting in October. You will spend the morning working through valuable curriculum. Then, in the afternoon you will be on your feet and touring Haskell and Knox Counties. These tours will expose you to various topics such as economic development, agriculture, healthcare and all the things that make up the assets of a community. Each month we will alternate between Haskell and Knox County. Not only will you learn about your county, but you will also learn about your neighbors.

The DCOH is providing the tools, now we hope you will take advantage of the opportunity. We promise you won’t regret it…just ask any of our past participants.  Applications can be picked up at the DCOH office or downloaded at www.haskelltexasonline.com. For more information call the DCOH at 940.864.3424.

Bright Horizons Weekly Update

The Haskell Chamber of Commerce, Development Corporation and Keep Haskell Beautiful have joined forces to bring you up-to-date articles about their organization and projects.  Each week, one will write about what is going on within their organization. The goal is to keep the public aware of current projects and educate citizens about various topics.  The articles will also help to let the public know where the needs are and how to become involved in the community.

BH Logo 1

The DCOH is hard at work helping the county secure new contracts for new prisoners at the Rolling Plains Detention Center. The DCOH is also accepting store front beautification grant applications. Those are due by September 30, 2016. Also, we are recruiting new participants to our adult leadership program. That deadline is September 1, 2016.

Heads up on the Community-Wide Garage Sale on Saturday, October 1st. This gives you plenty of time to get your garage sale items together. Come by the chamber to learn more about the Chamber’s HOT Grant Program that can help with your organization events.

Keep Haskell Beautiful (KHB) is a non-profit organization that educates and engages the citizens of Haskell to take responsibility for enhancing their community. So far KHB has held two clean-up events, one on the square and one at the park, and added two new pieces of equipment to the park. KHB hosted a volleyball tournament and commissioned the Deep Roots mural downtown. We are now in the process of putting in a sand volleyball court at the park and hope to continually add improvements to the park complex. Keep Haskell Beautiful is also in the process in starting a scholarship fund for the youth in our community.

WHPD Car Show/Super Saturday – April 2nd

WHPD Car Show is Saturday, April 2nd at the Courthouse Square.

The Chamber is having “Super Saturday” along with the WHPD Car Show. Shop at Haskell businesses on April 2nd and bring your receipt to the gazebo to entry for the “Super Saturday Drawings”. For every $10 you purchase you will have one entry. You do not have to be present to win. Prizes include Haskell Dollars and a chance to win a mini vacation. Win travel vouchers to design your own vacation getaway.

Haskell Chamber Banquet Monday, April 4th

Haskell Chamber Banquet is Monday, April 4th 6:30 pm at the Haskell Civic Center.

Tickets to the banquet are $15 for a Steak Dinner and can be purchased at the chamber office are by any chamber board member.

Mrs. Gibson’s 3rd Grade music class will perform “It’s A Jungle Out There” during dinner and our guest speaker is Julie Goodenough from ACU.

Nominations for Business and Volunteer of the Year will be accepted through Tuesday, March 8th. You can nominate a business and a volunteer by calling the chamber at 940.864.2477 or email at chamber@haskelltexasusa.com .


Community Wide Garage Sale – October 4

All members of the community are welcome to participate. The event starts at 7:30 am and visitors can pick up a map at the Gazebo for all of the locations where items are being sold.