Sand Volleyball Pit (Bright Horizons)

By Christina Isbell

The Haskell Junior High school kids can be credited with the construction of a sand volleyball pit at the park. The 2015 Haskell Leadership class wanted to make the park all-age friendly. In planning, they decided to survey the entire Junior High to see what kind of activities they would like added to the park. The top 3 things the Junior High kids wanted to see were: a Volleyball Court, a Gaga Pit and improvements to the tennis/basketball courts. Other additions they suggested were wall ball, mini skate park and a rock climbing wall, to name a few more.

On August 1, 2016, KHB, the City of Haskell and Haskell County started working together to install the sand volleyball pit, located west of the pool. We hope to see the volleyball court completed by September 9.

On September 10, from 4-8pm, KHB along with other non-profits and the City of Haskell will be holding a Back to School Bash at the park. There will be fun games, prizes and free hot dogs for everyone. We hope to do a dedication of the sand volleyball pit during this event.

Keep Haskell Beautiful is a non-profit that was formed when the 2014 and 2015 leadership classes and the Betterment Committee joined forces to make three small groups into one large group.  Prior to the formation of KHB, the 2014 leadership class was given the task of a project that would improve their community. The group wanted to make their impact in the park area. They started by purchasing two pieces of new park equipment and hope to make many more improvements in the future. KHB has been able to join forces with them and the Betterment Committee to add the volleyball pit and make plans for the future.