DCOH Needs Your Building for Possibilities Tour

Haskell Homecoming is slated for October 20-21. During this memorable weekend, the DCOH will be hosting a Possibilities Tour to showcase available buildings around town.  We would like for our visitors to be able to walk through buildings and think about the endless business possibilities available right here in Haskell.

In order to prepare for this event, we need realtors and building owners to participate with the DCOH and answer questions about cost, square footage, and showing their building during this time. If you are unable to show your building, we will help find people to do that for you. Also, don’t worry too much about how the space looks. We aren’t expecting every space to be in tip-top shape. But we will need some room for people to move around safely.pt-logoOur goal is to feature buildings that are for sale or lease; however, even if a building is not for sale, but an owner/manager would like to showcase it on the tour, we are happy to add them. An example would be someone who has done renovations, or changed up the space in some way that people who have ties to Haskell would enjoy seeing.

The tour is scheduled for Saturday afternoon (Oct. 21) from 2-5 p.m. We will create a map that people can pick up prior to going on the tour. We would also like some of our older population in town to be in each building to tell the stories about what was there before. These stories and history are the reason some people invest in these spaces. They love the back-story.

People love their hometown and many dream of coming back someday. We want to provide them with information to help them make that decision. Some will simply want to take a trip down memory lane, and that is also fantastic. They will tell their friends and help us generate some positive buzz about Haskell.

After the event we will have a gathering point with refreshments for a discussion about what people saw and envisioned in those spaces. We will also be sharing photos and articles after the event. We will continue to answer follow up questions that people have long after the weekend is over. We want to get people talking and dreaming about possibilities in these spaces.

We will have a meeting with interested parties in September to go over more details. If you have a building in Haskell that you would like to feature on the tour, please call the DCOH at 940-864-3424 to get on our list…even if you aren’t 100% decided, still get on our list. Also, if you would like to be a person who shares the history of a certain building, let us know. This is a going to be a fun event and a great opportunity to feature Haskell.