Bright Horizons – Keep Haskell Beautiful Update – Town Hall Meeting

On March 22, 2017 Keep Haskell Beautiful (KHB) held a Town Hall meeting to discuss with the community ideas for Haskell. A main goal for Keep Haskell Beautiful is to encourage non-profits throughout the community and well as individual volunteers to all work together to beautify, improve and add to Haskell.

During the discussion, KHB wrote down all the ideas that people had for improving our community. At the end of the Town Hall meeting, participants were encouraged to rank the ideas on what they thought were the most important. After the meeting, KHB organized all the ideas into categories. They fit into three main areas of interest: the park, the downtown area and clean-up events.

The city park was the top area of concern. The three main goals for the park and recreation area were to add new park equipment, make repairs around the park area, and to add ADA compliant entrances and equipment.

The next area of concern was the downtown. Citizens were interested in ways to make that area more appealing to the community and to visitors.  Some of the ideas were to revise the lampposts, add planter boxes, and to address vacant storefront windows, to name a few.

The third area of discussion was clean-up events. One idea was to start a program to help the elderly and disabled to clean up areas they may not be able to physically get to anymore.  Another idea was to encourage more people to participate in the Adopt-A-Highway program to keep litter off our streets. There was also discussion of adding new programs such as Adopt-A-Street and Yard of the Month.

The community involvement to improve our community has been exciting. As we move forward, we plan to have additional meetings for all the topics discussed and to invite those interested to come and help plan ways to fund and execute the ideas.  We continue to encourage all organizations, as well as individuals, to come together and make a difference in Haskell.