Bright Horizons, Student Leadership Program

On October 26, 2016, Haskell was one of two cities to be recognized with the 2016 Community of Achievement Award. This award was developed to encourage cities of all sizes within our region to be better prepared for future growth through community engagement and economic development programming. To qualify for this award, a city must demonstrate vision, pride, and youth involvement.  The Haskell application showcased the work done by KHB. From the town hall meeting held back in March 2016 (Vision), to the clean up events held throughout the year (Pride), and the students who helped us complete those projects (Youth Involvement), we were able to gain this status of a Community of Achievement.

Keep Haskell Beautiful’s mission is to educate and engage the citizens of Haskell to take responsibility for enhancing their community environment. This doesn’t only include adults; we think it is important to start with our youth. The youth of our community is how these traditions will continue for years to come.

We invited Juniors in high school to come to the TMCN Annual Conference to hear specifically about the Leadership TMCN Program. They got to see all the projects that were completed around the region by students. They also heard from last year’s winner, Gracie Bland, who encouraged them to get involved.

The students also attended two, “student track” seminars. The seminars covered the topics of, “The most difficult part of being a good leader” and “Having the courage to say and do the right thing”.  They got to hear from well-regarded leaders such as Chad Nelson, youth pastor and owner of Dwysdom Marketing & Communication, and Mike Daggs and Kevin Tutt of Tutt & Daggs. The students were challenged to maximize their potential impact on the lives of the people they will one day serve.

As part of the Leadership TMCN program, students will meet in January and April of 2017 for leadership training lead by Tutt & Daggs. In addition to leadership training, the program requires students to complete a community project of their choice. In September of their senior year, the students will present their projects to a panel of judges. In October, during the TMCN Annual Meeting, the scholarship winners will be announced.

The community project will benefit the students far beyond TMCN. They will be able to utilize their experience on additional scholarship and college applications. This helps to opens doors for more scholarships, not just the TMCN scholarship, and positively impacts the Haskell community. It helps to build pride for the community and inspires students coming up to do the same.