Bright Horizons – KHB to apply for Governor’s Achievement Award

By Christina Isbell

Keep Haskell Beautiful will be applying for the Governor’s Achievement Award (GCAA) at the first of 2017. The GCAA is one of the most prestigious annual environmental awards in Texas. This year, 10 Texas communities will share $2 million in landscape awards from the Texas Department of Transportation.


The GCAA award recognizes achievement in seven areas:

  • Community Leadership and Coordination
  • Public Awareness
  • Education
  • Beautification and Community Awareness
  • Litter prevention and clean-up
  • Solid waste management
  • Litter law and enforcing illegal dumping enforcement

One of KHB’s goals is to encourage the community to work together to make our public places better through the seven areas above, focusing on building a stronger community.

It takes the entire community and the many organizations that Haskell has to come together and make things happen. This year’s application will not only showcase what KHB’s organization has accomplished, but will showcase the community as a whole.

Even if we don’t “win” the award this year, this process has made Haskell a stronger and more beautiful place. Our community has already won through the improvements made throughout the year. As a community we will continue to strive to make Haskell a great place to call home.

In 2017 KHB hopes to bring everyone’s ideas together to plan short and long term projects. If you would like to be involved or get more information about KHB, call 940- 863-4620. Also, to download our scholarship application for high school seniors, check out